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    NPI is a Global Management Consulting firm that serves leading Businesses, Governments, Non-government organizations, SME’s, MSME’s achieve their vision and mission goals. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. Over decades of experience, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this perform this task. For […]

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Industry Segments

  IT & ITeS In a digital age, technology is a critical enabler of business transformation and growth. IT & ITeS is playing a fundamentally different role as it partners with the business. An IT-enabled business helps advance products and innovation which foster customer-led growth. NPI helps clients realize the full potential of their IT as they […]

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1. Strategic Acquisition  M&A strategy planning  Support Service for Strategic M&A Planning; Strategic Financial Advisory Services; Business Portfolio Restructuring Support; Exit Strategy Planning Support. Target Company screening  M&A Market Research; Consultation Regarding Potential Targets; Screening and Preliminary Assessment. Negotiation support  Negotiation Support during Planning and Implementation Stages; Negotiation Support for Terms and Conditions. 2. Consulting  […]

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