Industry Segments

Industry Segments



In a digital age, technology is a critical enabler of business transformation and growth. IT & ITeS is playing a fundamentally different role as it partners with the business. An IT-enabled business helps advance products and innovation which foster customer-led growth. NPI helps clients realize the full potential of their IT as they embark on major change and growth initiatives.

Technology helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by allowing them to innovate and develop products at a faster pace.

Our consultants help clients that are embarking on major technology-dependent growth or change to identify the optimal future state of IT, aligned with business needs, and to develop an implementation blueprint.

What we do;

We first assess the current state of IT to understand where its strengths and weaknesses lie. With strategic priorities in mind, we then lay out a road-map to bring IT to its optimal future state. That generally means developing a short-term plan to improve capabilities, such as processes and talent, as well as a longer-term plan to reshape technology solutions, including infrastructure, applications and data.

Finally, we look practically at how an organization can achieve its goals, taking budget constraints and competing investment priorities into account.

Our IT & ITeS services also delivers expert consultantany which pin-point your business and technology requirements, delivering value addition to business.



Maintaining high quality and low costs is crucial for manufacturing businesses today. NPI helps companies in topics ranging from strategic decisions regarding setting up manufacturing operations to specific production site and line improvement.


The roots of poor quality and low manufacturing productivity often can be traced back to processes that happen long before the product hits the manufacturing line. They begin with product line complexity, product design, scheduling and sourcing. NPI helps clients address those sources of problems and implement lean manufacturing techniques that help increase in fourfold productivity.

While our approach varies depending on the client’s situation, our overall framework starts addressing strategic questions that impact production cost, quality, flexibility, service levels, and control. This includes a clear understanding of what is the current and future product portfolio, what should the company “make vs. buy” based on core capabilities and needs, and what should the future footprint and capacity plan look like–including which sites should be closed, consolidated, or prioritized for optimization.



Infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of a stable and productive society. Strategic investments in transport, housing, energy, and communication infrastructure are essential to create a strong and competitive economy with good jobs and standards of living. In fact, our analysis suggests that to maintain global GDP growth through 2030 requires a$60 trillion investment in infrastructure. To make effective infrastructure investments, decision makers must balance a variety of economic, social, and environmental considerations.

While infrastructure presents unique challenges, it also offers opportunities for both the public and private sector. NPI’s Infrastructure Practice helps clients source the ideal opportunity for investment matching the principal’s business requirements, keeping in view its economic and social value as well.

NPI has a long history working with the world’s leading construction and building products firms. We have worked with our clients across multiple global and regional construction market cycles—together with our clients, we develop strategies & tactics that will deliver results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.


Finance and Banking

We work with banking and financial institutions across all regions to help them adapt and prepare their businesses for market changes shaped by evolving digital technologies, dynamic consumer preferences, increasing competition and changing regulations.

More banks have come to recognize that the way forward requires harnessing new business models, integrating digital and physical channels, capturing the economics of customer loyalty and dramatically reducing costs.

Financial services players will need to harness better business models to overcome shortcomings of the past and current challenges. NPI draws on deep experience across industries to help financial services institutions in every region find innovative ways to conduct Mergers and Acquisitions, underwriting, Market research and analysis, Target sourcing etc in an evolving, competitive and regulatory landscape.

NPI has deep expertise in financial services, but we also look beyond the industry and draw upon our capabilities experience. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our financial services clients to help them solve problems or pursue opportunities in many areas, including:




NPI helps pharmaceutical manufacturers become more competitive and successful in today’s evolving market—that means ensuring their products contribute to favorable and demonstrable outcomes, and streamline costs in the face of increasing price pressure.

Over the last 25 years, the global pharmaceutical industry has made revolutionary contributions to clinical care. The industry now faces the challenges of unpredictable product pipelines, increasingly competitive markets, and uncertain policy and regulatory environments. Despite ongoing medical need related to many diverse diseases, pharmaceutical companies—much like medical technology companies—can no longer depend on their innovation engines and pricing power to achieve profitable growth.

The net result of ongoing cost pressures and a precipitous decline in R&D productivity will be an unprecedented decline in the share of the overall healthcare profit pool captured by the largest research-based pharmaceutical companies, while lower-margin sectors, like generic manufacturers, will increase their share. The critical question for these companies is how to evolve their business model in order to thrive in a world of shifting profit pools by focusing on outcomes rather than by simply generating more inputs—more products, more procedures and ultimately more cost to the payers.

NPI aims at working with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help create the foundations for future growth and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their current business operations. We help our clients become the future market leaders by focusing on the priorities that will make them agile and adaptable to attractive market opportunities focusing both on organic and inorganic growth factors in mind.

  • Expanding beyond the core. As growth in core businesses begins to slow down, pharma companies may be tempted to consider adjacent markets for growth. Rather than follow the herd, leading players will identify and develop hidden assets in areas where they share customers, share costs or have overlapping capabilities.
  • Exploiting the true benefits of global scale while managing complexity. Industry consolidation has created massive scale across the value chain. Successful pharma companies will discriminate between functions where scale adds value versus where it reduces productivity and adds complexity.


Logistics and shipping consulting

Freight and logistics historically have been a fragmented, shifting industry that is highly dependent upon materials demand and driven by GDP growth. NPI works with companies across the logistics value chain to navigate today’s challenges and to anticipate and develop pragmatic, winning strategies for tomorrow’s opportunities.


NPI has worked with clients across the value chain of logistics and transport on projects that have involved the full range of capability areas. We aim to serve some of the global leaders in freight and logistics, including companies involved express, parcel and postal services, trucking, third-party logistics, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping and distribution putting our prolonged exposure and market knowledge towards achieving firm goals.

When freight and logistics companies need to take game-changing action, NPI helps its clients develop options that reflect rigorous analysis, the company’s unique market position and larger, industry-wide trends. We are able to advise whether a rail player should pursue trucking or intermodal acquisitions to create door-to-door assets, or if a trucking player should consider a cross-country merger to provide coast-to-coast service. We know what it takes to make such moves work, avoiding common and uncommon pitfalls in the process.

We also bring a strong mergers and acquisitions and private equity lens to our work. Collaborating with our Private Equity group and Mergers & Acquisitions practice experts, we can help clients evaluate potential deals through due diligence and execute M&A and post-merger integration.



The retail world—with its razor-thin margins and relentless big bets on fashions, trends and timing posses significant customized approach to achieve growth. Add digital technology disruption, emerging market opportunities and changing consumer trends to put more variables in flux than ever before. NPI works alongside leading retailers to develop and implement customized solutions that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with exploring new market opportunities based on product portfolio and its perception in the overseas market.

Our M&A advisory in the International and emerging markets helps firms generate increased top line growth without bringing significant changes to its product design and portfolio.

We specialize in serving clients across various verticals including grocery chains, general merchandise stores, apparel retailers, convenience stores, drug chains, luxury retailers, restaurants, hotels, specialty retailers and e-tailers.



Continued low crude prices are driving a revival in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in oil and gas this year, and a few large deals are already on the table. The need to monetize assets, vertically integrate or seek companies/competitors who can help deepen market and technical expertise and grow market share is encouraging energy companies to embrace M&A. The key question is how can they manage these deals for success?

Successfully managing large-scale transformation and integration projects can be extremely challenging. The price of failure can be staggering, not just in terms of the hit on the bottom line. However, recognizing and prioritizing people and culture-related implications early on in a deal will influence—and, often determine—overall success.

While integration teams have well-developed toolkits for managing the financial and operational aspects of a merger, integrating two cultures, by contrast, is often undervalued.


The global market for chemicals is one of the most turbulent industries in the world. Upstream shifts in the cost and availability of both conventional and unconventional feedstock’s are forcing companies to evaluate geographic and product portfolios. Macroeconomic forces are changing the demand patterns for some chemicals to developing countries and accelerating demand for certain specialty chemicals. To each client engagement, NPI brings deep chemicals market experience and the ability to draw lessons from other industries that have experienced similar levels of turbulence.


NPI under the chemical vertical covers all major subsectors, in every region including the following areas:

  • Petrochemicals, organic base chemicals and intermediates
  • Inorganic base chemicals
  • Polymers and plastics
  • Specialty and performance chemicals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Fine chemicals
  • Industrial biochemicals/biomaterials

Working jointly with our clients, we develop solutions based on proprietary insights to address management challenges and unlock significant value in the following functional areas, Mergers & Acquisitions help chemicals companies improve their odds of successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.


NPI strives to serve telecommunications companies around the world by helping them to better understand their customers, build superior networks, find a sustainable path to growth and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization.

We understand our clients passion about seizing opportunities to transform their businesses and our telecommunications consulting professionals provide critical support and expertise to help companies achieve lasting results. We focus on developing pragmatic strategies to address our clients’ most critical challenges.

Natural resources

NPI helps asset-intensive companies improve the productivity and safety of their core operations. We combine extensive industry experience with innovative offerings to help clients transform how they maintain, operate and optimize their plants, wells, refineries, mines, power generation facilities and pipelines. Benefits include reduced cost of maintenance and operations, improved reliability of assets, increased production, and improved safety for their workers. Our tools and services enable digital transformation for workers, assets and operations.

We help our partners generate wealth by advising on best possible course of actions to employ enhanced and optimum use of the resources. We understand and value that assets when put to optimum use generate synergy and growth at a increased level for the clients and acts as a positive growth factors. Our experience in cross border ventures helps client achieve there objectives in a timely and effective manner.