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The Retail world—with its razor-thin margins and relentless big bets on fashions, trends and timing posses significant customized approach to achieve growth. Adding the digital technology disruption, emerging market opportunities and changing consumer trends to put more variables in flux than ever before. Implementing right strategies and timing the market plays a key role in the retailing industry.

NPI works alongside leading retailers to develop and implement customized solutions that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with exploring new market opportunities based on product portfolio and its perception of the overseas market.
Our M&A advisory in the International and emerging markets helps firms generate increased top line growth without bringing significant changes to its product design and portfolio.

We specialize in serving clients across various verticals including grocery chains, general merchandise stores, apparel retailers, convenience stores, drug chains, luxury retailers, restaurants, hotels, specialty retailers and e-tailers in realizing their Overseas Entry objectives.