1. Strategic Acquisition 

  • M&A strategy planning 
  • Support Service for Strategic M&A Planning; Strategic Financial Advisory Services; Business Portfolio Restructuring Support; Exit Strategy Planning Support.
  • Target Company screening 
  • M&A Market Research; Consultation Regarding Potential Targets; Screening and Preliminary Assessment.
  • Negotiation support 
  • Negotiation Support during Planning and Implementation Stages; Negotiation Support for Terms and Conditions.

    2. Consulting 

We work closely with management and other advisors—such as major investment banks—to leverage and complement their knowledge and ensure maximum impact, and actively support implementation and skill building.


  1. Market Research    

We specialize in preparing following detail market research strategy:

  • Entry strategy into new markets
  • New strategic revenue options for business growth
  • Sourcing of partners for business expansion


  1. Business Acquisitions


  • Implementing and optimizing cross-border transactions while providing consultancy and arranging funds.
  • Develop customized financial solutions, cash flow analysis, due diligence for pre-investments in international markets.
  • Our finance consultancy makes funds available with long commitments


  1. Legal consulting  

Our multicultural working environment helps us understand the Indian phenomena while offering our customers the correct information with the honesty and transparency required for taking the right decisions.


  1. Business match Making

We help our clients to maximize their chances to succeed and optimize their business operation as well as profitability by connecting them with the best suitable partners from the next door or from the other side of the ocean. In addition we provide business consulting services, acting as mediators for the on-going negotiations until the deals are done.


  1. Setup assistance 

We assists our customers to deal with the complex local bureaucracy, understand the cultural differences and achieve a fluent and effective communication between all parties, in order to a successful setup in India.


  1. IT & ITES

A real-world experience in supporting a wide range of customer implementations, our proven approach helps you:

  • Assess your infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Design a customized plan to address your organization’s specific needs
  • Implement market-leading solutions that help you grow and thrive

Our consultants can help in assess the current state of the Enterprise IT (as-is), establish a new strategic vision (to-be) and prioritise a roadmap of change programs designed to help you transform.




  • The Acquisition Process  


  • Identification    
    • Market Analysis    
    • Screening liable companies    
    • Facts & Figures 
  • Structuring  
    • Meetings   
    • Develop short-list  
    • Deal Structure   
  • Strategic Evaluation  
    • Merits and demerits of investment    
    • Synergies and strategic fits.   
  • Financial Evaluation    
    • Data    
    • Analysis   
    • Risk Analysis    
    • Valuing & Pricing    
  • Negotiations    
    • Negotiate final terms & Conditions  
    • Prepare for final due diligence   
  • Closing 
    • Acquisition Agreement    
    • Facilitate final legal document